Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My New Hobby

Fish, my new hobby is keeping fish and I have been working on actually keeping them alive. It started when my brother won a small goldfish at the fair. He got so excited and was all for taking care of it and everything. He even bought his little fish a friend. Soon the fish Noah won at the fair died and Noah was all for getting another. After that I realized that keeping fish could maybe be a fun hobby, and I decided I would start off with a small tank and I brought home two goldfish. I named them Koda and Harley. They were small, and orange and white. Noah decided to put his fish in the tank I bought in exchange for food and other fishy supplies. Harley lived about a week after that before I woke up one morning to find her floating at the top of the tank dead. At that point I thought it was because Noah had not cleaned the tank earlier in the week like I had asked. I am still unsure however. Even so I continued with my fish, wondering what had killed the one. A few days later Noahs replacement fish died despite my attempts I think he suffocated to death and so I bought an airrator for the tank. With only two fish left I went up to the store with my friend and bought a Marbled, Lyre molly. He is stunning and I have named him splatter, I will post a picture of him fairly soon, that is if he doesn't die first despite my attempts. With him I also bought a live plant called Anacharis. It is supposed to help keep the tank oxygenated while taking in carbon dioxide and fish poop. Lets hope it works. Still I came home from school today with Koda floating at the top. The sad thing was he was absolutely fine when I left. Maybe Noahs fish is a bully... I have seen him chasing the others around before.

         Now that I have had the fish for a while I hope to get a bigger, more acceptable tank for them and start raising mollies. *Cough, Cough, My birthdays coming up, hint, hint.* With a bigger tank will come the need of a heater for the mollies and a small filtration system, and hopefully another Marbled Lyre.

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