Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sixteen years: Words

     It's been almost a year since I last wrote here. A strange phenomena, a mixture of procrastination, forgetfulness, and just plain business. Around a year ago I was in my last year of middle school, and had only been there a few months. I had a black lab, whom I adored and still miss, and I had many good friends that I have managed to somehow keep. About a year ago I had never read any of Shakespeare's plays, had never driven a car (As far as I can remember ) And had never seen an episode of Doctor Who. I hadn't gone on a missions trip, done an internship, or many other things. So much has changed in a years time. I've kept old friends and made new ones, spent more time studying the bible than ever before, and was given a chance to help change the lives of people. In a year I watched every episode of new Who, lost my big black pup, and got a new one. I broke my collarbone, sprained an ankle, visited my first comic-con, began high-school, etc. All that has happened in only one year, and over the sixteen years I have now been alive a lot has changed. Not necessarily in good ways or bad, but changed. Necessary changes needed to grow and make an impact. Some for the better some for the worst.
    Over sixteen years a lot of words have been said. Some good, some bad. All make part of that impact. As I have been looking over Pinterest and other parts of the internet these last weeks, and doing a bible study, I have found many things referring to the words that are said and written. Words are powerful, they change lives. Words can bring destruction, and words can bring healing. So stop cutting yourself and other people down with your words. That's not an excuse, words can hurt the most. Why not instead use your words for good, to bring growth and life to a person, not lies and death? Heal instead of poison, use truth instead of dishonesty, bring back the life. Think about what you say, take just a moment. Pause. It doesn't take long, but it can make a difference far down the road.
    I think I'll leave this here, just for the moment. A tribute to the sixteen years God has given me, and to thinking before we act. I wonder how different things would be, if every word you said appeared where everyone could see. 

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