Sunday, September 26, 2010

Horse Show's and other things....

I went to a horseshow yesterday called the Extream Horsemans Challlenge, It's a mix of cross country and another kind of show that I don't know the name of. Anyway I got eighth because I had to beat buck over most of the obstacles, and I dropped the bucket... Still I made it up during the cooaperation event were you had one minuet to go into this arena that was filled with random obstacles, you then could go over whatever you like, but each was worth a different amount of points. The things I chose were, the weaving poles (10) the tarp (20) the weaving barrels, (10) and then the tarp again. So I got a total of 60pts and one that part of the event in our group. Eathier way I had a great time and am sunburnt from head to toe!

Other than that, my Birthday is only... Eleven days away!

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