Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Egg's

Easter, such a great time of year, right? Yep, or at least I think so. You get to paint eggs and celebrate the resurection Plus there's.... CANDY. But the bad thing about painting Easter Eggs is that they go bad, and even if you made the coolest egg ever you're not aloud to keep it because of coarse it's rotten. Today however, whilst all of Noah's friends, and Noah himself were painting the hard boiled kind of Easter Egg, I was making Everlasting Eggless Easter Eggs. Sounds cool right? Well it starts out with getting all the yoke and whites out of the egg. To do this you have to poke a hole in the top and a hole in the bottom of the egg after you shake it up. Then you blow into one of the holes and the insides drain out through the bottom. Often looking like snot. And well once that's done you wash them out and dry them and then paint them. And guess what... You get Everlasting Eggless Easter Eggs!

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