Sunday, June 10, 2012

Writing Prompts

So I've decided that I'm going to choose a writing prompt from THIS WEBSITE every day and write about it. So that I can work on my writing and hopefully get better at it... So here goes the first one-

Today's Promt Location


     I ran back and fourth, touching the bars lightly and then hitting and pulling at them. Strange creatures sat outside watching me, their four legs twitching every once in a while and their goopy skin dripping. Unsure of how I had gotten here I looked all around and saw other cages like my own set up beneath the dark green sky. Other creatures I had never seen before also sat in these, but some where familiar. Every now and then I would see an enclosure with an animal I recognized. One held a zebra, another a normal house hold dog, a malamute I think. The air was sticky and warm too, and simple bowl shaped objects filled with  a slimy substance sat to one side of the cage, images of buildings were painted on the wall behind me. It reminded me much of the zoo I had gone to as a kid. Painted surroundings meant to resemble the native area, fake trees and simple games for the animals to play. Most of the other cages held two or more of the same species and the creatures outside seemed mildly interested in watching them. That's when I realized it really was true, I was stuck in an alien zoo.

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