Sunday, August 19, 2012

I hate Writting Titles

I was told I should post more on this here blog, and I agree with the person who told me too. So here goes another attempt to try and write regularly.

Anyhow, with school coming up I'm not sure exactly weather I'm excited, or well, just plain disapointed. With school comes hours away from my sport, plus the extra hours of boring homework., studying, and well, projects. It's not that I really dislike school all that much, I actually used to love it, but now I just get bored. In math I sit in the back corner, do my homework, and read for the left over half hour in class. Don't get me wrong, the reading time is excellent, it's just, well nothing new. School also means I have to get more organized again, make sure I have things finished and such before I go digging and searching for hours for that one peice of homework that seemed to mysteriously disapear in the time it took me to finish a page of Science, I mean, really? Am I that horrible with Organization...

Other than school though I just got back from my trip to tahoe yesterday, and while I'll miss it, well it's good to be home. I do love seeing all my family and everything, and the veiw was awsome, but nothing compares with mountains and the smell of hay and horse. As well as home.

The last thing I wish to discus in this sporadic post is my show which is coming up. The Pumpkin has a limited amount of competitors, and although I'm only competing in Grasshopper { Cross-bars really}I'm still quite nervous. Time was acting up today, and well, I suck at dressage, as my last scores showed, as well as my double disqualification. But that's my goal this time... Don't freeze up and don't get disqualified, if I can do that I'll be riding Beginner Novice in the Pegasus show in October I think... 

Oh, and one more thing.. I was told I should start letting people read my writing again... What do you say?

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