Friday, December 16, 2011

Graceful Strength

My Cousin Lindsey and Chassy

     Horses are beautiful creatures and I have always loved them. At one point in time I had a horse, Girty. A great quarter who was as sweet as could be. Still, she wasn't trained, and when I had her there was no way I would be able to accomplish such a task. Still, in November of this year, during my Grandmothers birthday party with our family, I got a horse. Chassy. Unlike Girty, Chassy has been trained before by my cousin Lindsey. Yet when Lindsey began her work as a missionary she couldn't take Chassy along with her. At that point of time Lindsey left the chestnut at my Aunt and Uncles house since they had two other horses at the time.
     How I gained Chassy is another story all together, but a simple one. My Aunt and Uncle are selling their house, and the horse property with it. Meaning that Chassy would no longer have a place to stay. As I am truly in love with horses they gave her two me, and yet I haven't yet made the trip to get her. Many things have prevented us from bringing her down sooner, like the ability to find a place in schedules that would work for multiple people, including my Uncle, my Grandfather, my Trainer, and I always hoped myself. Now finally we have found a place that will work, and nothing has yet hindered out ability to make it. So, Tomorrow we will make the trip up to Heber to get Chass and bring her down. Lets hope she'll be at least semi-compliant when it comes to getting in the trailer.
     Due to the long delay and my raising excitement, me and my friend have come up with many ideas on things we want to train her, and ways to refresh her training. One thing I hope to start is clicker training. Using this technique I hope to train her to lower her head on command and simple things like that, along with some well needed manners.

    Thanks everyone for the best Christmas present ever, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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