Sunday, December 18, 2011


Zips Classy Chassy, or Chass as I like to call her did much better today in the round pen. She only kicked once or twice, and the bucking, rearing, and striking was non-existent. I got to work with her a little bit too, that is after Jayme ran her around a few times. She really is well, semi-sweet, although rebellious. I still love her. Later however, she got something she thoroughly needed. We put Lucky in the pen with her and they had a go at it before happily eating their hay on opposite sides of the pen. Lucky was definitely in charge though, as he chased her around a few times himself.

On the other hand, Odie caught a rat when we got home and it was huge. I almost touched it again, but narrowly missed it when I saw the tail. I still remember the time I actually touched one he had killed, never again.

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