Saturday, December 17, 2011

Scary, Fun, and Exhausting Day

So for those who read about my excitement to get Chass, well lets just say it was a scary thing. Me, Grandpa, Jayme, and Willow all made it up to Heber with the trailer in tow and what do we find? Chassy was being a scary Brat. When Jayme first tried to get her in the trailer she reared, striked, bucked, and kicked. Jayme finally did some lounge work with her and calmed her down. By this point of time the trailer was full of hay and we were pretty ready to go. After a long while of Chassy contemplating and the rest of us strategically coaxing and edging her in she leaped up and to the hay. Perfectly fine and content.
     On the way back she did well and there was no kicking or screeching so I assume she didn't mind the ride. Ayway, when we did get back we took her straight to the round pen where I began working her again. I was chasing her for about an hour before we got her to turn towards and not away from me. After that we fed the other horses and made our way home.
    In our time up there I did learn a few more things about Chass, like the fact that she was foaled on April 2nd of 2003 and her full, registered name is Zip Classy Chassey. [I'm not sure I spelled it right, I can check later though!]

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